Pandora Core is an engineering and consulting company that creates and helps to adapt scalable smart contracts and machine learning technologies.

We bring innovations and discover new business models for both decentralized networks and enterprise in order to make them antifragile in highly competitive environments of today and tomorrow.


Prometheus Computing


Typhoon sidechains


RGB assets & Spectrum network

RGB assets
& Spectrum

Pandora Boxchain

framework 4.0

We are one of the global leaders driving the development of LNP/BP technological stack (Lightning Network protocol and Bitcoin protocol), applied cryptography, distributed computing and Artificial Intelligence.

Pandora Core is developing the Pandora Network - 2nd layer solution for scalable smart contracts and ML running on top of Bitcoin network. As active contributors to Bitcoin and Lightning protocols development, we are participating in the design and development of RGB & Spectrum – technologies for scalable off-chain programmable digital assets and smart contracts within Bitcoin and Lightning Network.

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